How to delete hidden Active Sprint in JIRA

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  • You want to delete the Sprint
  • The Sprint is in active but not visible on JIRA Board


  • JIRA allows you to delete the Sprint in planned, active or completed here
  • In this case your sprint is in active but not visible. It might be there is no board which displays the issues belong to the Sprint. So that you need to make the Sprint visible first. To do this we have a solution here


Make the Sprint visible first

  • Create a “Test” issue type is Task.
  • Edit the “Test” issue and in the Sprint field, click on the Sprint you want to delete. If you not see the Sprint Field there. Do the following
  • Find the Sprint ID by open the issue has belong to the Sprint. In the Agile section point out the Sprint link like this https://youdomain/secure/GHGoToBoard.jspa?sprintId=5085
  • Right click on the Test issue then choose “Bulk Change
  • Choose Edit Issues in the “Step 2 of 4: Choose Operation” page
  • In the “Step 3 of 4: Operation Details” page, check on “Change Sprint” checkbox and put the Sprint ID there 5085
  • Confirm the change in “Step 4 of 4: Confirmation” page
  • You will see the Sprint is visible on the board

Delete the Active Sprint

  • In the board, click on Active Sprint
  • Choose the “Complete Sprint” action to complete the active sprint before we can delete
  • In the Sprint Report page choose “Delete sprint” under the three dot (…) menu


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