JIRA Configure “Card Colours” based on due date

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In JIRA board, you want to configure the Issue Card base on due date so that

  • If the Issue is overdue the card will be RED
  • If the Issue is near the due, the card will be YELLOW
  • If the Issue is far the due, the card will be CYAN
  • If the Issue is not provided the due, the card will be BLACK


  • In the JIRA board, choose Board | Configure menu
  • Choose “Card colours” in the Configure page
  • Select Queries option in the “Colours based on” in the page
  • Create follow JQL
    • BLACK: duedate is EMPTY
    • CYAN: duedate > 2d ( it means that if the due is 2 days far from now, the issue will be in CYAN color)
    • YELLOW: duedate > now()
    • RED: duedate <= now() AND status != Done

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