Tips: JIRA Burndown Chart is missing ideal line (guideline)

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Assume that you started the Sprint at 12/Apr/21 6:11 AM and the guideline is missing in the JIRA burndown chart


There are several possible causes as Atlassian explained:

  • This is expected behavior if the sprint was started before assigning any tasks to the sprint. Hence the guideline is created as 0.
  • Another cause would be the sprint was started with issues that had no estimation values configured, and the estimation values were added after the sprint was started.
  • A third cause would be that the issues had a release date earlier than the start of the sprint; they will therefore show up as “Issue added to the sprint after start time” and the guideline won’t load correctly.


Change the start date of the Sprint to make sure that your estimation values are added before the start of the sprint, and ensures the issues don’t have release dates earlier than the start date of the sprint.

For example, I changed the start date of the sprint from 12/Apr/21 6:11 AM to 12/Apr/21 11:11 AM then the ideal line is visible like this.

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